COMMON STATE | Portrait series

There's the notion we have differences that separate, divide, segregate, or keep us apart.  It’s easy to forget about the joy, laughter, and positivity that make up our human spirit.  But in the end, at the core, from the moment we are born to the moment we die we really are all the same.

~Sharing one smile a day for one year~

The working title for this series was "Open House".  What this meant was I opened the doors to the studio for any and all to come sit with me for 20mins.   I called out to friends, then friends of friends, then eventually complete strangers as word spread.  They all came in with zero knowledge of what they were getting into; just blind faith and trust we were going to make nice images. What came out of it was the pure magic of two people, face to face, chatting and sharing an intimate and spontaneous moment of joy and laughter.    

365 people | 365 days

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